5 Horrible Misconceptions About Online Dating

  1. It is Irresponsible — People think that online dating is irresponsible, but this is not true. It is just another means of social networking like Twitter or Instagram. It is just a more direct platform for people looking to be in a relationship. There’s nothing irresponsible about being on a dating platform.
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2. It is not safe — Vybe has taken extra precautions to ensure that the platform is a safe space away from any sort of abuse or harassment. There are community guidelines that determine behaviour here. And any form of violation is punished immediately.

3. It is Desperate — Taking your love life into your hands is not desperate. It is proactive and being in a group with people that are single and are interested in being in a relationship increases your chances of finding a relationship.

4. It is Insecure — there’s nothing bolder than putting yourself out therein search of love. It is also smart because the world is online and a major part of our time and day is spent on the Internet, why can’t you also find love on the internet?

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5. It is only for hookups — while there might be people on the app purely for the sake of hooking up, there are also people genuinely interested in getting into relationships. And generally, it’s a way to meet more people and make friends.

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Are there any other misconceptions about online dating you know?

Experience true #Vybe | Find the #perfectdate | Connect with #newfriends | Just have #fun

Experience true #Vybe | Find the #perfectdate | Connect with #newfriends | Just have #fun