5 Romantic Movie Recommendations on Netflix

The best part about Netflix is that it provides you with control over the content you watch, so you can almost always discover exactly the kind of movie you are looking for at any given time. When you are in the mood for a heartfelt romance, Netflix may not only satisfy your craving but can also provide you with the exact type of romance you are seeking for. Here’s a list of the top 5 Romantic movies available on Netflix in no particular order:

1. The Notebook (2004)

A scene from the Notebook

The Notebook is based on a book by Nicolas Sparks, so definitely you know that means there will be some tear-filled moments. It focuses on the young love of Allie Nelson and Noah Calhoun, played by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. It creates the perfect romance scene for the two to fall in love despite the hurdles they face (what’s a good romance story without some trouble). This movie not only tells a good love story but it makes you feel something, the emotions go beyond the screen and are felt by the viewers.

2. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

A scene from Silver Linings Playbook

This movie received a lot of Academy Award nominations when it came out in 2012. With Powerhouse stars and a story about love during a crisis (seems like we have a pattern, doesn’t it?). Directed by David Russell, the story tracks the feverish, happy, sad, absurdly hilarious ups and downs of a mentally ill patient, Pat played by Bradley Cooper and a heartbreak beauty Tiffany played by Jennifer Lawrence.

3. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

A scene from Crazy rich Asians

Directed by Jon M.Chu, this movie portrays family traditions and what dating outside your social class looks like. This is a contemporary romantic comedy. Rachel Chu, an NYU professor accompanies her boyfriend, Nick on a trip to Singapore where he is from. On arrival, Rachel soon discovers that his family is wealthy. In most cases, this is a fantastic thing (gold digger vibes) but Rachel is faced with Nick’s disapproving mother. Does their love survive this? Simply a must watch.

4. Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards (2020)

Not everyone is destined to marry before they turn 30 but Kambili, an impulsive spender at 29 is determined to be in a steady relationship that will eventually lead to marriage before her 30th birthday. Nancy Isime played the role of Kambili, her heart is broken by her boyfriend of 4 years and she does all she can to win him back but as fate will have it, love comes knocking with an unexpected person at the other side.

5. She’s All that (1999)

A scene from “She’s all that”

Laney Boggs, having lost her mum at a young age, doesn’t leave space for anything other than schoolwork, her brother and dad. Zack Siler, the male lead, a hotshot in high school who got dumped and out of frustration enters a bet with his best friend claiming he can get any girl in their school. As fate will have it, Laney Boggs is the chosen one. After a bunch of ups and downs, Love looks possible for the two.

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