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Dates these days have gone beyond just going to the movies and grabbing some food. Going out on a date is an experience and the activities engaged in should be memorable.

So we have a few ideas, whether it is the early days of the relationship or a first date or a more long term relationship, to make your dates more exciting.

Rock climbing — you can kill 2 birds with one stone with this activity. Burn up some calories as well as get in some healthy competition and bonding time into your relationship. Whether indoors or outdoors, this is a fun experience to get a kick of adrenaline.

Karaoke — Sing your lungs out to your favourite tunes with your partner. Serenading each other with beautiful duets or an all-out rap battle, whatever fits the mood, go for it.

Go Swimming or to the Beach — being in or near water creates a nice, relaxing ambience. So whether it’s the beach or a pool, a day out on the water will make a nice date. Splashing around in the water and generally just being playful is a way to create lasting memories.

Picnic — put some thought and effort into your date with a picnic, some light food, drinks, music. Where you can both discuss, bond, enjoy a nice weather, reminisce or get to know each other. Picnics are fun, light, cost-effective and intimate, you can bring games along to engage in. It is a really nice way to enjoy each other’s company and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Go-Cart Riding — explore your inner child and do fun silly things on your date. You do not have to be so adult and serious on these dates, have wild fun, laugh, be silly, enjoy the time you have with your loved one, while you have them.

Attend a Concert or Rave — this is a fun activity to enjoy with your partner. Whether it’s a large outdoor concert, or a smaller, more intimate one, this is a nice bonding activity to create memories with your partner. These are experiences that will not be quickly forgotten and will always be remembered fondly.

Double Dates — this will be for couples who have been in the relationship for longer. Go on double dates with another couple friend, share the fun, share the love. Get to know each other better, swap stories. This could be an indoor event, with party games being played, or it could be over food. This is a fun way to add some dynamics to your dating and love life.

We hope these few ideas will bring in a new burst of energy into your love life and relationship




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