She caught a Vybe 🥳💃🏻

With the overnight change in the world and social distancing being the new norm, singles have been posing these questions — Will online dating become the new normal? Does it work?

Well, someone from the Vybe community shared a story that might help them answer those questions.

In the heat of the lockdown and self-isolation period, a Vyber shared her journey of finding love with us. We must say that she has indeed been caught by a wave of Love 💕.

Enjoy as you follow her journey with Vybe 🥰

It all started when she commented on one of our promoted posts on social media😁

She took our advice!

Image of Letter sent by her

Love is really a beatiful thing! We hope to see everything turn out great for these two.

As the saying goes “If you found the right Vybe you just might have it all." Get on Vybe now to experience true connections & good vybes with the right trybe.


P.S: Updates on these two lovebirds would be shared soon. Stay tuned

Keep Vybing 💓

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